The symbol of upcoming victory

7th century monastery complex,

served as the seat of the Catholicos

St. Hakobavank is one of the oldest Armenian monastery complexes, and a spiritual, cultural, and educational center in Artsakh. The monastery has not been renovated for 3 centuries and is on the verge of collapse.


under threat


Azerbaijan has started the process of appropriating Hakobavank from our territory. In Wikipedia, Hakobavank is already presented as Albanian, and Azerbaijanis falsely consider themselves as descendants of Albanians.

Azerbaijan spends immense amounts of money on the destruction or appropriation of Armenian historical and cultural sites.

As we know, after the 44-Day War, Azerbaijan started the process of destroying 1,500 Armenian monuments taken under its control. As a result, 90 of them have already been destroyed or appropriated, and such actions continue to be done.

It is very clear that we are in the midst of a cultural war and we can’t afford such losses.

Hakobavank revival

Today, the restoration of Hakobavank is the most important battle in this cultural war, so we must unite as soon as possible.

An unprecedented collaboration is already underway to solve this problem, and many individuals and organizations have united:

  • The government of Artsakh has initiated the process of restoring Hakobavank.
  • The Artsakh Diocese, headed by Bishop Vrtanes, announced that 2022 will be the year of the revival of Hakobavank.
  • Samvel Karapetyan’s Research on Armenian Architecture Foundation will implement the project. 
  • Raffi Kortoshian, Deputy Director of the foundation, will lead the project.
  • The Association of Armenian Architects Restoring Cultural Heritage has provided professional support.
  • Architect Samvel Ayvazyan has presented the monastery restoration project plan.
  • Academy Films provides support by filming videos about Hakobavank.
  • Spring PR and Spell companies distributed materials about the project.
  • Sevak Asryan has provided his photographs.

As a result of this collaboration, the project plan for the restoration of Hakobavank is completely ready. The budget has been calculated and the team has already been formed. All that remains is to successfully raise the necessary funds. 

Each of us can take part and contribute to the fundraiser. Subscribe now to be one of the first donors whose donation will be doubled.


The Artsakh government will double the first $40,000 raised.


The “Hakobavank Revival” project has already been launched. Join the victory march!

One union

Three victories

The restoration of Hakobavank is a victory on three fronts at once: cultural, spiritual and economic.

Protecting our identity

Azerbaijan is trying to erase the evidence of our national identity by subjecting the Armenian heritage to cultural genocide. By restoring Hakobavank, we will return our historical past and gain our first victory in the cultural war, preserving more than 40 khachkars, inscriptions and secular and spiritual buildings of the monastic complex.

Revival of the spiritual center.

Today many communities in Artsakh are in need of a spiritual center. Hakobavank is located in Kolatak, and there are no functioning churches in the village or neighboring communities. Therefore, the restoration of Hakobavank will create an opportunity for communities to unite around the functioning church and solve the problem of spiritual security.

A new exclusive tourist destination.

Hakobavank is one of the wonders of Kolatak village. Rich in dense forests, rivers and waterfalls, this village is an open-air museum. Kachaghakaberd is located on Kolatak hill, and Koshik Anapat, the grave of princes, is on the west. The village is surrounded by Berdakar fortress, Havaptuk monastery, a cave and a chapel, churches of the Zarunts-tap, Dzitank and many other cultural monuments. With the restoration of Hakobavank, a new tourist destination will be developed, new jobs will be created, and the villagers will open their guest houses to welcome visitors with open arms and tell the story of the Hakobavank revival.


As a result of the genocide pursued by Turkey and Azerbaijan, thousands of Armenian monasteries, churches, cemeteries and cultural monuments were destroyed. In doing so, they are trying to erase our memories and destroy any proof of our heritage from world history.

Azerbaijan has already spent $1.2 billion from its budget to legitimize the occupied territories of Artsakh and to eliminate Armenian culture. In 2022, Azerbaijan plans to allocate another $1.3 billion.

“Destruction of historical, religious and cultural monuments in Artsakh will signify an irreversible loss for humanity.”

Along with domestic and security problems that have arisen after the war, Armenians also fight for universal human values. Thanks to our unity, Hakobavank will be revived and become a symbol of our struggle and victory.

By donating now, you create the present and future of Hakobavank. Our future generations, when visiting the monastery, will call your name and bless you.

“Hakobavank is a new symbol of the our struggle for cultural values.”

Thanks to our unity, Hakobavank will be restored to what it used to be. It will be resilient, functioning, and hospitable.

The project will be carried out in three stages:

  •  Restoration of the St. Astvatsatsin Church in Hakobavank, located on the north side.
  • Restoration of the Church of St. Nshan, located on the east side.
  • Restoration of the Columns hall and the Narthex.
  • The restorative efforts will be carried out using the materials that were previously utilized for the construction of the monastery (paint, uncut stones, polished limestone, tiles as decorative facing material, etc.).
  • The full appearance of Hakobavank starting from the 7th century to the present day will be preserved.
  • All the changes that the monastery complex has undergone over the centuries will be recorded.

Imagine what an event it will be when the monastery complex starts working again. This will breathe new life into Artsakh. Hakobavank will be proof of our unity, and every time when visiting the monastery, we will smile and think: “This is my mission. Thanks to us, Hakobavank has been revived!”

՛՛Renovation of historic monasteries is a sacred mission. This is not the construction of a new one, this is about connection with our ancestors.՛՛
  • Despite the destroyed state of Hakobavank, the community of Kolatak continues to visit the monastery and pray, keeping the dream of restoring it in their hearts.
  •  When you ask a resident of Kolatak about his problems, he never talks about electricity, water or safety. He doesn’t talk about himself, but about the restoration of Hakobavank and the road to the monastery.

The monastery has many stories. It’s time to create new ones.

  • Hakobavank is named after Hakob Mtsbnetsi, a wonderworker who spread Christianity in Greater Armenia. His right hand was kept in the monastery until the end of the 19th century.
  • A stone foundation of the oldest khachkar dated 853 was found in the walls of Hakobavank.
  • For centuries, the monastic complex was one of the most important centers of Artsakh, along with Dadivank, Gandzasar, Amaras, and Gtchavank.
  • In the 13th century, it was a seat of the Catholicos.
  • On the territory of the complex there are more than 40 rock inscriptions, khachkars, and tombstones more than two meters long, where the Hovhannes, Aristakes, and Simeon Catholicoses, as well as Simeon and Vardan bishops are buried.
  • The architecture of the monastery complex reveals many different techniques with various building materials.
  • In addition, the monastery complex was rich in secular and household structures, such as libraries, storage for ancient parchment manuscripts, heated apartments with fireplaces, storage rooms, a refectory, stables, guard posts, water pools, and a tonir oven.
  • Now in Hakobavank there are gravestones of our spiritual fathers and khachkars erected by our princes. Here is our past and our bright future.


The “Hakobavank Revival” project has already been launched. Join the victory march!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

First of all, by uniting around Hakobavank, we take care of our culture, we save the monument from the final destruction. Without exaggeration, we are in a cultural war, we have no right to retreat. By restoring Hakobavank, we will promote the spiritual, cultural and economic revival of Artsakh after the losses suffered from the last war.

The overall project and the restoration works in particular will be organized by the Research on Armenian Architecture Foundation (RAA) and overseen and supervised by a number of corresponding institutions and organizations, such as the Government of Artsakh, the Association of Armenian Architects Restoring Cultural Heritage, and the Scientific Research Center of the Historical and Cultural Heritage. A number of international experts will be joining our team to ensure the overall quality of the reconstruction process.

There are several ways in which you can help us bring back Hakobavank to its former glory.

First of all, you can Subscribe to our website and receive our weekly newsletters on the story  of Hakobavank and the progress of our project. Also, you may choose to like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to receive the most recent updates. 

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Finally, you can tell your friends and acquaintances about Hakobavank and its restoration when having a cup of coffee with them or by making publications about our project on your social network pages. 

The choice is yours, just don’t pass by. 

At this moment, 90 Armenian historic monuments have been destroyed in the territory of Artsakh occupied by Azerbaijan. The latter strives to annihilate any trace of Armenian culture in these territories. Thus preserving our cultural heritage means saying that we’ve been here at a particular moment in history and that nothing can rule out the reality that is engraved on the cross-stones or the walls of the monasteries. 

Our history and its tangible proofs are the foundation of our identity both on individual and national levels. We say that we’re Armenians and this is the place of our habitat, based on the cultural heritage that proves our existence and presence in this particular area.

First of all, Hakobavank is one of the oldest cultural and religious monuments in Artsakh, dating back to the 5-7 centuries. The oldest ever Armenian cross stone has been discovered within the monastery walls and most certainly, there’s even more to discover in the future. To abandon such a jewel of history is simply a crime. 

Unfortunately, the monastery complex hasn’t been renovated for hundreds of years and as a result, it’s further existence is under a huge question mark. This cultural, educational and spiritual center of Artsakh that is older than Gandzasar Monastery Complex, is in need of urgent actions. 

The monastery with all its background has a huge potential to activate the social and cultural life in Artsakh, especially in the aftermath of the horrific events of the previous year that shook our whole nation to the core.

The actual reconstruction of the Hakobavank monastery complex will take from 2 to 2,5 years. The collected funds will be allocated to the implementing team stage by stage, in order to ensure the continuity of the reconstruction.

The implementing team is obliged to submit reports on the progress of the project and the financial spendings to the donors on a monthly basis. We will also ensure accountability by informing the public of any accomplishments made throughout the project via newsletters and our social network pages.